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• Over ten years of training experience, three years of management experience and seven years of customer service experience.
• Proven leadership skills involving recruiting, managing, assessing, developing and motivating new and existing staff. Also in the recruitment, coaching, development and day to day management of Learning & Development staff.
• A specialist in coaching and performance managing agents, trainers and managers and in mentoring and staff development.
• Excellent abilities in all areas of the training cycle, from training needs analysis, producing training material, through delivery to evaluation.
• Five years of project management experience, in areas such as improving call resolution through to complex IT projects.

Adam Gray's Professional Experience

2012 - Present
2012 - Present

Tesco Bank - Training Contractor

• Training on credit cards, foreign exchange and other banking products to new staff.
• Delivery of training on Quick remit, Faster payment, BACS and CHAPS payment methods to groups of 20 to 35.
• DPA and FSA regulatory training.
• Training staff on compliance, financial crime and money laundering regulations.
• Induction training on systems such as the Nautilus system and soft skills.
• Use of Webex software to facilitate delivery.
• Coaching and one to one training of Tesco Bank managers on performance management and coaching skills.
• Worked on the project to redesign the induction process for new to bank staff.
• Coaching and mentoring 8 support trainers from the agent population.

2012 - 2012
2012 - 2012
2007 - 2011

Virgin Media - Talent & Development Business Partner

• Designing training material for project work streams to tight timescales using Word, Excel, Visio, Powerpoint, Adobe connect and Adobe Captivate.
A good example being when I created all the training material for the Broadband Superhub project, this included a TNA on technical knowledge in the agent population as I felt that general knowledge was lacking. I Scheduled and delivered face to face and adobe connect sessions for onshore and offshore sites. The evaluation showed that satisfaction rates had increased and repeat calls had reduced over the board. This material was delivered by SMEs I chose to several thousand agents.

• Liaising with change managers and senior managers on project work to validate deadlines, budgets and progress.
For example when I scoped, produced and project managed the Broadband value added services program. This project was a multi-million pounds ongoing IT project to provide the online software for Virgin customers to pay their bills and change package. I was responsible for deciding how to brief the agent population on each stage of the changes as well as for designing the training solution. The client base here was several thousand agents and I dealt with senior managers for sign off.

• Successfully launched our national retail venture with Dixons Group.
This involved liaising with the sales directors and agreeing the goals and scope of what we wanted.
I also needed to liaise with DSG senior managers to decide on an approach to get Virgins message to Dixons staff. I designed the training material and delivered it face to face in Dixons stores, measuring the impact on sales post project.

• Ran the T&D workstream of the recent Wireless Activation IT project. This involved discussing technical specification with external vendors, hosting workshops, agreeing on the key differences which needed to be trained out, preparing the training roadmap, costing the solution, designing the material and running train the trainers for technical and contact centre staff face to face and using Adobe Connect.

• Coaching, evaluating and performance managing Team Managers as part of their development.
This involved working with sixty managers and introducing them to coaching models and ensuring their effective use of these models via regular coaching and assessment. It also involved follow up sessions with the operational managers to feedback on progress and make recommendations.

• Project managing key customer service and IT projects to strict deadlines.
For example, I scoped, produced a TNA, designed and delivered a national Coaching for Managers program. The client group for this was initially the whole Team Manager population for my site, 60 heads and I reported into the Head of Contact centres for the duration of it. I produced Virgins Team manager coaching training material and ran coaching sessions to gauge effectiveness. As part of this I designed a coaching assessment matrix in order to evaluate and grade coaching skills. Eventually the program was implemented for the entire onshore team management population, 300 heads.

• Conducting Training & Coaching needs analysis for strategic L&D and contact centre projects.
For example, I scoped, project managed and produced the training deliverables for the project to provide Virgin Media tech support for Apple Mac computers. This project had a client group of over a thousand people on and off shore. I reported directly to the IT and Broadband directors for this. The TNA showed a huge gap in knowledge within Virgin and within L&D which I addressed. To support this I attended a Mac tech support course with Apple. I produced two sets of material, one technical version for IT staff and on version for Customer service staff.
I rolled out the material I produced via face to face and online training sessions on Adobe Connect. The training itself ensured that Mac customers were able to gain tech support for the first time from Virgin.

• Evaluating Training effectiveness and Change Management as part of key training projects.
One example being when I designed, wrote and implemented a national customer services Internet training package. This was a project with a big budget and impact. It was delivered at first line agent and first line manager level but was created in consultation with senior managers. The evaluation I completed ensured value was being delivered in relation to spend as well as measuring impact on resolution rates for technical support calls into the service centres.

• Running the First Time Resolution project. A key project where I was tasked with improving call resolution over the board and given full control on how this was achieved.
This involved coaching and managing twelve Team Managers for a year as well as evaluating progress, producing reports, making recommendations and liaising with senior managers regarding progress. I decided to take 4 pronged approach with a training session for agents, a training session for team managers, ongoing coaching for managers and a training sessions for the team managers manager. I designed implemented and delivered all of this as well as measuring calls stats monthly and liaising with senior managers on progress.

Key Skills
coaching Evaluation Performance management Project Management TNA Training Delivery Training Design
2006 - 2007

Virgin Media - Training manager

• Meeting regularly with senior management to discuss and improve existing processes.
• Project managed the recent creation of a new Training team for one of our sites. This involved planning the project, advertising, running assessment centres, interviewing and selecting candidates.
• Recruiting, coaching and developing T&D staff on different sites. This involved assessing training sessions, assessing coaching and ensuring consistency by introducing a roadmap and coaching models.
• Developmental Coaching and Training for Team Managers. Using an assessment matrix I created and coaching training material I created.
• Conducted performance reviews of Training staff for my site and remote sites. This supported ongoing career development and appraisals.
• Meeting with T&D staff regularly for progress updates and to allocate new projects.
• Discussing future training needs with senior management in order to plan ahead and allocate budget and resource effectively.
• Working with retail division on project work ie Sales Training & Product Training.
• Managing day to day team and centre issues.
• I reviewed and implemented a new SLA between T&D and the Contact Centre on my local site.
This involved, for example a new process for dealing with absence and new reporting lines.
• Point of contact, responsible for coaching and training our local outbound mobile sales site.

Key Skills
coaching Evaluation Management Performance management Project Management scheduling Stakeholder management
1999 - 2006

Telewest Broadband - Regional Training Officer

• Training needs analysis and evaluation for the Contact Centre.
• Providing high quality Induction and developmental training for the contact centre, sales and install departments.
• Writing new training material for our Sales, Collections and Customer Services departments.
• Training staff and maintaining and refreshing databases on AS400 Icoms systems.
• Scheduling training and allocating trainers.
• Controlling resources such as rooms, material and equipment.
• Producing coaching profiles for staff and reducing staff turnover by means of coaching.
• Running assessment centres, interviewing, selecting and managing new staff as required.
• Delivering Management skills training and managing new starts.
• Outlining HR policies and ensuring compliance.
• Wrote, and delivered the “Advanced customer care” training program for Customer Service agents.
• Evaluated our recent single bill system upgrade, producing new nationally adopted standards.

Key Skills
coaching One to ones PDP setting Training
1997 - 1999

Telewest - Team Manager

• Proactively dealing with escalated customer issues.
• One to one coaching.
• Staff development.
• Conducting appraisals and action planning.
• Performance management.
• Setting and meeting targets.
• Producing management reports and team statistics.

Key Skills
coaching Escalated calls Management

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Certificate - Management


Management Certificate

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Nebs Management qualification