kitchen porter,asst,cleaner



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Fully experience in a 4 star hotel as a poter who and assistant the work of concierge.
Kitchen hand experience for 6 months
Passionate,Honesty,Reliable,Stable working ablity

zhf1988's Professional Experience

2009 - 2009

kitchen porter,asst,cleaner

Current Employment
Wishbones roast charcoal chicken
Hampton east ,Victoria,Australia
Start Date 1st Aug 2009
Position/Title Kitchen Hand
Responsibilities/ Achievements  Preparing and washing all ingredients at the beganning of work
 Chopping all ingredients in the kitchen which will be cooked
 Steaming dim-sums and vegetable before serving to the tray
 Toasting bread , cooking chicken breast meat when making burgers
 Packing burgers after cooking the ingredients
 Deepfrying the chips and nuggets with the order of customers
 Process the chicken before it would be roasted
 Store the food in the cool room which will be used in the next day
 Washing and sanitising all the utensils after using
 Cleaning the kitchen before leaving the kitchen

Employment History
JIN TAI LONG International Hotel (4 STARS)
Nanjing, JiangSu ,China

Start Date: Jun 2008
End Date: Dec 2008
Position/Title: Kitchen hand
Achievements:  Work in group to corperate with the chef and cook when at work
 Put every equipment in the right place to make sure that chef can reach when they need to use.
 Washing,Chopping all ingredients which will be cooked by cook or chef
 Storing or withdrawing food in the cool room with the order of chef
 Washing all the dishes and utensils after using
 Clean the kitchen when all day’s work is over

JIN TAI LONG International Hotel (4 STARS)
Nanjing, JiangSu ,China

Start Date: Dec 2008
End Date: Jun 2009
Position/Title: Luggage Clerk(Porter)
 Greeting customers on arrival.
 Lifting customers’ luggage and guiding customers to the reception desk
to finish the check-in procedure.
 Try best to answer customers’ every question, asking the assistant manager for help if the question can not be answered
 Guiding customers into their guest rooms and introducing every facility of the hotel
Security of Hotel knowledge obtained
Local geography knowledge obtained

JiangSu DongDa Electricity Company
Nanjing, JiangSu ,China

Start Date: Nov 2006
End Date: May 2008
Position/Title: vocational assembly line worker
Achievements: telephone producing experience
careness working skill obtained
fast-pace working skill obtained

Key Skills
Chef kitchen hand porter