General Staff, Trading, Accountant Training, Assistant Nurse



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I am good for International Trading skill especially focus on China and have reliable, mature and stable export channel in China. I continue to improve my financial knowledge and skills at recent years and will be getting Accounting Hons degree in following year. I has been got China’s registered nurse license and one year working experience and prepare join in IELTS exam for my Irish nursing license before graduate. If I have opportunity, I am very happy to seek training opportunities in Financial Companies or Hospitals

YouYou's Professional Experience

2009 - Present

General Staff, Trading, Accountant Training, Assistant Nurse

When I was 16 years old, I graduate in 3 years Nurse School in China, I got Chinese nurse license and do general nurse job in one of China’s 3 A-level general Hospital one year in 2003,

In 2004, I join in general University entrance exam and enrolled in RenMin University of China (also called People's University of China) majored in International Business, I pass three years Business Study and got good result. At this period, I got twice exercitation opportunities at different trading companies and services as trading department assistant (in Private Company) and Financial Assistant (In Government Company).

In 2007, I come in Ireland and Change my major, so, I register in Carlow Institute and Technology at September, Now, I am a last year accounting student in IT.Carlow.

I want get working opportunity to take some working experience and developing my ability based on the knowledge before graduate.

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General Nurse NURSE
2007 - 2008
2006 - 2006
2003 - 2003

YouYou's Education and Qualifications


currently studying - Accounting and Finance for the Arts



Certificate - International Business

People's Univerisity China


Certificate - nursing

Nan Chang Nursing school