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i am a electrician,worked for 12 years in fás teaching apprentices electrician the trade from electrical science to craft theory to construction,love the job,

feilim's Professional Experience

1998 - Present


I am working as a electrical contractor and I am a member of the Electrical Contractors Safety & Standards Association. And practise the National rules for electrical installation.

I am an Electrical Lecture in FÁS in Dublin as a contractor and have worked with FÁS for 12 years; my job involves teaching the class’s electrical science, electrical craft theory in the class and practical work in the work shop.
I have to make up the wages every Friday, buy in the material for course.
I mark the exams, theory and practical, and I have to monitor the individual student monitor their
behaviour and report back to employers.
A electrical instructor role is to set standards of behaviour for the students and to lead and inspire
by example, I am a very outgoing person in all areas of my job.

Key Skills
Contractor Contractors installation Lead Qualified Electrician