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ensame's supervisor-administrator role at Kylemore (2009 - Present)

Working in The Terrace Cafe (National Concert Hall) for Kylemore. I started in the company as a waiter, and due to my CV, I started to have more responsibilities inside the restaurant every day. Basically, every time the manager hasn't been there for some reason or another I've been the person on charge: distributing the tables for lunch time and dinner time according with the bookings from the different nights, counting the incomes and balancing the 7 different tills we have in the different bars, acquiring the different items we have been needing (table cloths, polishing cloths, wines, soft drinks, coffee, napkins, etc...)
I have been as well combining my work as a supervisor of the place working as the administrator of the for the last 7 months, working with the program "Axapta", in the restaurant office, in charge of: typing the cash sheets in the system and balancing them, typing the hours worked of the 25 workers of the company, making the waiters roster every week, etc...)
In short, I've been doing every one of the responsibilities of my manager as the same level, for the last year and a half.


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