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As an occupational psychologist, business consultant and web entrepreneur i have worked with colleagues to build a talent management and online psychometrics company from scratch to over 10 million euro per annum revenues with satifisied clients in over 70 countries and a great team of psychologists, business consultants, tech and customer support experts.

From 2001 - 2004 worked as international projects and European commercial director for SHL group responsible for over €18 million euro in projects and online sales in 14 countries per annum and a personal client work portfolio of €4 million euro

davidbarrett1's Professional Experience

2006 - Present

cut-e - Owner - Managing Director UK - Ireland - South Africa

Online assessment services for talent management and education

2006 - Present

Cut-e - Owner / MD

What do we do?

* cut-e is the world leader in the design and implementation of online tests and questionnaires for use in recruitment, selection and development of people in the business world.
* cut-e assesses over 2 million people per year in over 70 countries and 20 languages.
* cut-e combines psychometrics, innovative technology and related consultancy services, with an understanding of business issues, to provide personnel and financial benefits for people, companies and organisations.

Key Skills
Innovative psychometrics online recruitment talent management technology recruitment
1996 - 1996

Enterprise Ireland - Change Management Consultant

Developing commercial objectives for technically oriented divisions and roles

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Bachelor/Degree - , Occupational Psychology

Queen's University Belfast


Masters/PostGrad - Occupational Psychology



Bachelor/Degree - Psychology, Psychology

Trinity College, Dublin

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Love hurling, tennis, travel, family and friends. Order of course not specified with 4th in list of course being No 1!