chargehand, till staff, offlisence staff



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Im a very reliant, friendly person, a fast learner, customer service is everything to me, I always try to put myself in their position to help where I can as friendly, and understanding as possible

Chrisna's Professional Experience

2003 - Present

chargehand, till staff, offlisence staff

I was responsible for a weekly stock take of the fresh food departments, as well as the tabacco and ciggerettes, I dealt with customers on a daily basis, I , as also responsible for all the ordering of these products, and stocking of the shelves in offlisence and Fresh and Frozen departments. I also did the phone in orders in the morning where i had to take in the orders, assemble them and make sure the customer gets the rght change and was happy with the products. I brought up the margin in the fresh food area with good ideas that lasted.

Key Skills
retail full time, chargehand, deli staff, offlicense staff