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I have over 20 years experience using Auto CAD in 2D, 3d and system management, along with fifteen years experience within the commercial glazing sector. I have just completed my Bsc. Architectural Technology in May 2009. I am in a position of seeking full time employment, I am hard working and always up to the challange. I can make myself available for an interview given short notice and if offered a position I can make an immediate start. Thank you for your time to read this and look forward to a responce in the near future.


Sean brereton

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2009 - Present

Design/ Management

I have completed my final year studying for my Bsc in Architectural Technology. Previous employment as a Glazing Contracts Manager with an UK based company in Ireland. Also a Senior Architectural Glazing Designer with an extensive knowledge in commercial glazing and Cladding. Good communication skills with Contractors, Architects, Site Fixers, Project Managers and Fabricators also providing technical backup mainly for building products for ongoing projects

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Architectural commercial Communication skills Project projects Technical technology

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Bachelor/Degree - Bsc. (Honours) Architectural Technology

the waterford insitute of technology