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akkav1's Owner role at Monkey Business, Kavanagh LTD, (2009 - 2011)

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The Bar was a small property with the capacity of 50-75 people, serving customers from 9 am until 3 am; this includes food from a wide selection. Some cocktails were required, 3 addition part-time staff members. Annual turnover of 78,000 a year (in Spain this is a large amount).

My key duties include:

Over-seeing the Bars Operations to ensure that they are running to company standards.
Customer service, Cleaning of the bar, and kitchen.
Accounts, P/L, GL, A/R, A/P. costing, budgets,
Cooking food to highest quality, introducing standard practises, such as Health & Safety.
Managing staff roistering and internal staff issues and disputes.

Project work included:

Dealing with suppliers. To find the best price and perks available.
Creating and costing, the menu's and special drinks were on a weekly rotation I was responsible for creating the
menus and costing all ingredients.
Promotions. I set up new events that would increase revenue, this included "pool and poker night", "The
Hamburger challenge" and "Games Night". I also was responsible for the advertising of these nights.
Redesigning the Image. I redesigned the image of the bar, into a more welcoming establishment, during the days
we promote the premises as a family bar with food available, at night we pushed the idea of a younger, fun bar
with music, bar snacks, pool and a good time for the younger people increasing sale by 40%.


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