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akkav1's General Manager role at Lemongrass Restaurant (2008 - 2009)

Reason for leaving Made redundant due to company going out of business

The Restaurant had a capacity of 80-95, seeing 250-400 customers' pre-week, while also offering take-away and delivery service. Number of employee's front of house nine not including myself, four chefs, two KP's. With an annual turnover ranging from 260,000 to 500,000 Euros.

Day to Day running of the Restaurant, including performance of staff, analyzing and planning
Restaurant sales levels and profitability, organising marketing, promotion events and discount
Reporting to head office and owner, end of week and night reports on sales, staff budgeting, in house I created
P/L goals, staff development with weekly meetings, planning and coordinating menu.
Management of suppliers, staff, work rosters and menus.
Liaison with customers on all aspects on service, and quality of food and drinks.
Insuring that a high standard of housekeeping was maintained both front and back of house at all times.
Management of budgets, invoicing, expenses, working stock and cash.
Date December 2007 ­ March 2008


Lemongrass Restaurant

Lemongrass Restaurant - Louisville, United States

Asian Restaurant in Louisville, KY




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