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akkav1's F&B/Day Manager role at Sheffs LTD TBA Mantra Garden Bar and Nightclub. Maynooth (2009 - 2010)

This property is a 30,000 square foot venue, with an 8,000 square beer garden, there are 5 public bars and a VIP bar give a total of 6 bars, with a capacity of 2200-2500. Seeing over 10,000 customers a week. With an annual turnover in the range of 10 million. Number of employees ranged from 50 core contracted and 25-30 part-time. Departments which were under my supervision included Bar, Cocktail bars, Promotions, Kitchen, Restaurant staff, and Housekeeping. A team of four managers including myself.

Main Duties
Employee training responsible for Induction, Health and Safety, Manual Handling, Safe Food Handling, Safety Awareness, Fire training, job-specific training.
Departmental Budgeting, Costing in each department, Wage ratio. Along with the head chef costing of menus.
All admin duties including payroll, creating and maintaining personal files, P/O, A/R, A/P, Banking, Money exchange. Nightly and Weekly earnings reports
Internal stock takes, ordering for different department, maintenance of acceptable stock levels.
Liaison with Customers for Special events, advertising, marketing, promotions.
Investigation of on-site accidents, food related incidents.
Internal management reporting on site issues and recommendations.
Day to Day running of the property as part of a team of managers.

Project work included:
Dealing with suppliers. The main duty here was to reduce cost, on cleaning product alone I was able to save in the region of 24,000 Euros.
Creating a new menu with the head Chef, while the duty of costing the menu fell to me.
I was tasked with up keep of the website, facebook, and online marketing. Also liaising with the printers in production of any advertising material.
One major project that I was responsible for was organising the VIP after party for the NUI Maynooth Fashion show, this was a large event with over 500 customers in the VIP area and nearly 1000 in the rest of the club. This included set-up for photo shoots and special drinks for the night.

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