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agulka76's HR Administrator role (2008 - 2009)

Maintaining employees records (electronic and paper files)
- Maintaining sick leave records and absence (parental leave, force majeure, maternity leave, unpaid leave etc.) for all employees (approximately 670 employees),
- Provide reports on sickness on a fortnightly basis for all employees.
- Preparing appropriate documentation and liaison with payroll department in relation to payments for individuals with regard to their leave entitlements in accordance with human resources policies.
- Collation and input of any information on HR database.
- Maintaining Human Resources records and filing
- Answering all employees’ queries.
- Handling daily correspondence, open mail, direct enquires to relevant personnel within a department
- Administering necessary documentation for financial assistance, study leave and exam leave applications
- Maintaining stores requirements for the department (i.e. stationery)
- Maintaining records on HR system (Core HR system)
- Providing administrative support for Training and Development, Recruitment & Selection
- Taking active part in selection process as required by the Recruitment Department.
- Liaison with Occupational Health Centres in relation to IBTS sick leave policy (arranging medical appointments, vaccines, etc) and reviewing long term sick leave reviews on a regular basis.




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