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Focusing on long-term investments in renewable energy, Polaris Energy provides investors with opportunities to join green energy at the height of its popularity. Over $240 billion was invested in renewable energy in 2010, and the Polaris Energy management team has researched numerous green energy markets for potential earnings in this area. By offering a safe and secure investment process, Polaris Energy ensures that client money is protected throughout the entire process.

Once clients choose a renewable energy project, they become direct partners with Polaris Energy. The investment goes directly into Polaris Energy’s corporate Swiss bank account, where it remains for the life of the investment. Polaris Energy also secures funding from banks, provides due diligence, and negotiates legal documents for every project. For projects such as the photovoltaic solar farm in Italy, Polaris Energy has performed an extensive amount of research to solidify a favorable long-term outcome.

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In addition to high feed-in tariff (FIT) instituted by the Italian government, the Polaris Energy solar project includes bank financing, internally structured administrative processes, and veteran engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) turnkey contractors. While Polaris Energy identified Italy as a top producer of photovoltaic energy, internal research has also depicted it as one of the best FIT locations in the worlds.

Along with solar energy, Polaris Energy seeks investment opportunities involving wind turbines, hydroelectrical plants, geothermal generators, and biofuels. Recognizing that 80% to 90% of the world’s energy is obtained from fossil fuels, Polaris Energy acknowledges that the world will one day be able to fully harness the energy of the sun, wind, and water to a similar extent.

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