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A LAMP application developer with 6 years commercial experience.

A diligent, affable and very accommodating person. Flexible and thorough in providing solutions to problems that inevitably arise with complex projects. Ability to understand various business models and the impact these have on custom application development.

Very competent in learning new systems quickly. An ability to make a web or intranet application achieve just about anything within reason using object oriented PHP 5 and jQuery.

Creative and confident in providing suggestions and new options to accomplish increased productivity across business processes. Reassuringly unflappable and personable.

PHP 5 - OOP - XHTML - CSS - jQuery - Ajax - Web Services - MySQL - Apache - Linux - MVC - CodeIgniter

If you're looking for a web developer or have an idea that you think is impossible to achieve on the web, I'm the person who can make your idea a reality.

Simon Kinsella's Professional Experience

2011 - 2012

Ability Software - Software Consultant

Lead PHP Developer with XHTML, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Ajax, MySQL. Frontend and backend.

Key Skills
2008 - 2010

Online Tee Times Ltd - PHP Developer

Maintained existing company websites and created new ones as the need arose.
Assisted in documenting the company's new web service API and re-wrote all company websites to consume these web services.
Managed all hosting accounts with the company (Windows Dedicated Servers and Linux Virtual Dedicated Server).
Attended weekly management meetings and suggested creative improvements and enhancements to the websites which were mostly adopted.
Wrote several in-house intranet based PHP scripts to cut down on administration time spent on repetitive tasks by office admin staff.

Key Skills
Administration API Dedicated Linux PHP
2008 - 2010

Online Tee Times Ltd. - Web Developer (PHP)

Online Tee Times Ltd (OTL) is a sales and marketing company dedicated to delivering revenue to both Irish and UK Golf Clubs. OTL achieves this by utilizing market leading technology to deliver tee time availability to multiple web channels and directly to golfer e-mail inboxes.


• Had to quickly learn the business model of the company

• Cleaned up messy and insecure code left over from the previous developer by converting procedural PHP 4 code into an object oriented PHP 5 approach.

• Persuaded the owner to invest in several new web servers, essential to helping the growth of the company.

• Assisted in writing the company’s web service documentation, carried out tests and suggested web service improvements.

• Changed all company website to use our web service as opposed to connecting directly to the databases.

• Took the role of Systems Administrator on the company’s Linux web server and had a small part in monitoring the company’s Windows web servers.

• Attended weekly management meetings where I suggested many ideas, some of which I implemented with the remainder being scheduled for some time in the future.

• Created a series of intranet and web based tools and utilities to significantly cut down on the amount of time spent by staff manually doing certain, tedious, repetitive tasks.

• Suggested and implemented a support ticketing system to replace the archaic and chaotic email based support procedure which had been in place.

• Maintained the company websites on a daily basis.

• Documented and provided technical assistance with the company’s affiliate integration scheme.

• Took on extra tasks when the IT Project Manager left the company such as acting as the main point of call for all IT related matters for the company.

Key Skills
Acting Administrator Dedicated Linux Marketing PHP project manager
2004 - 2009

Web Developer

Designed countless websites, and developed the underlying php code to run them. Managed linux web servers. Integrated XML web services. Spiced websites up with jquery and ajax. Secured websites against known vulnerabilities.

Key Skills
2007 - 2008 - Systems Developer

Had to come to grips with a complex custom framework very quickly with very little documentation.
Had a development role in a prestigious contract for Vodafone International where I developed several PHP modules which were part of the core application.
Persuaded CEO to re-design and re-develop the existing website with major emphasis on SEO, usability and visitor to customer conversions. - As a result the Google Page rank jumped from 2 to 3, and visitor to customer conversions also noticeably increased.
Developed new administration modules to cut down on time spent by administration staff on data entry and repetitive tasks.
Responsible for bug tracking, maintenance and system testing along with website updates.

Key Skills
Administration data PHP System testing
2006 - 2007

Byrnes World of Wonder - Systems Developer

on from where the previous developer left off with a custom PHP and MySQL intranet based ordering and reporting system which was called "BYSCITS".
Wrote batch-files to gather all sales and stock-take transactions for each shop on every day. These batch-files were triggered by a scheduled task once all the shops had closed after 11:00pm. The accumulated data was then synchronised with the master "Take 5" accounting package on the mainframe server.
This data (in FoxPro .dbf format) was then converted to MySQL where my scripts would then provide financial reports, stock control reports and executive summaries on various actions.
Built complex bench-marking reports which provided comparative analysis of current data versus historic data over previous years.
Optimised the database for speed, performance and reliability.
Attended management meetings where I contributed, designed and successfully implemented new ideas for enhancing the BYSCITS system.

Key Skills
data FoxPro Mainframe MySQL PHP Reports
2005 - 2007 - Web Developer

Started off as a nixer which led to a contract position
Designed and implemented a new website layout conforming to strict branding guidelines.
Implemented, customised and managed a third party Perl/CGI property website application while the budget wasn't there for a custom PHP system.
Succeeded in increasing the average pages per visit to the manager's goals.
Managed to convert visitors to customers by simplifying the registration process into logical steps.
Developed a custom PHP & MySQL administration system and GUI which reduced time spent by website administrators performing repetitive tasks.
Delivered an intelligent anti-spam/anti-fraud/anti-poaching system written in PHP which negated the risk posed by internet fraudsters, spammers and competitor's attempts at poaching customers.
Developed a number of mobile optimised web applications so the administrators could monitor actions on the site out of office hours via smart phones.
Persuaded the owner to invest in an entirely new PHP and MySQL driven web application which I then developed from the ground up.

Key Skills
Administration CGI internet MySQL Perl PHP Web Application
2005 - 2006

Treacy's Hotel - Web Developer, IT Support

Re-developed the static website into a dynamic feature rich application with on-line booking facilities.
Trained staff in the use of the Microsoft Office 2003 suite.
Persuaded the owners to invest in state of the art hardware and a network.
Managed the new network.
Provided support on and managed a Customer Loyalty (Swipe Card) system
Designed promotional posters, menus and flash videos (for the nightclub plasma screens)

Key Skills
Microsoft Office promotional
2004 - 2004

Treacy's Hotel - Store Manager

Stock Ordering / Goods In / Stores Housekeeping
Health & Safety / Fire Warden

Key Skills
2001 - 2003
1999 - 2001

Securway Ltd - Security Team Leader

Access control and security patrols of several prestigious sites such as Dublin Corporation Headquarters on Wood Quay, Dublin and City Hall Dublin.

Simon Kinsella's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Leaving Certificate,

CBS Enniscorthy


second level/high school education -

St. Mary's CBS, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

Second Level -

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