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For more than a decade in the acting and modeling business, Petra Coulson has been able to contribute her skills to raising cancer awareness and advocating for those in need. In 2005, she was involved in a viral video aimed at increasing breast cancer awareness among young women. After giving up her appearance fee in support of the cause, Petra Coulson's cancer awareness video is now available online and has been screened at an oncology conference in Zurich, Germany.

Between 2001 and 2007, Petra Coulson enjoyed consistent work as an actress and model in London. Her roles introduced her to a variety of mediums, including television, feature and short films, and commercials. She routinely promoted herself through the competitive processes of auditioning for roles and reading scripts. In addition to her actual performances, she was often called on for rehearsals and other tasks prior to the shoot or performance.

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2001 - 2007

Self - Actress and model

Acting roles in TV, feature films, short films, commercials

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Bachelor/Degree - English

Gymnazium F. M. Pelcla

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