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Peter Vicinio possesses extensive experience in systems administration and the technical management of financial services platforms. Currently, Peter Vicinio serves as a systems administration consultant at Dow Jones & Company, Inc., in New Jersey.

At Dow Jones, Mr. Vicinio provides system administration support in the Factiva division. In the past he had provided systems administration support for the market data ticker platform, the global indexes, the Hermes and Atex editorial platforms, and other major enterprise platforms. His major projects include installing and supplying support for the Dow Jones market data ticker plant. The plant is comprised of roughly 340 quality assurance, development, and production servers.

Prior to joining Dow Jones & Company, Mr. Vicinio performed as a senior systems engineer at Tandem Computers for over a decade. During that time, he was honored with the Tandem Computers Excellence in Service Award and the Outstanding Performers Award.

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