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Michal Bilinski - Experienced Web Developer (PHP)

 Perfect PHP 4/5 knowledge, including: • Deep understanding and expertise in O… more
Location Ireland

Roman Pekar - Head of Software Development and Support Department at IFC Metropol

• Enjoy working with different data-related tasks: SQL database design and query… more

martinbpeters - C++/Python/PHP Scientist/Engineer

I seek a full-time position in IT or software development based industry utili… more
Location Ireland

Sebastian Robitzsch - PhD Candidate @UCD

I'm currently pursuing a Ph.D. in University College Dublin. I'm focusing on int… more
Location Ireland

davidez - at The Irish Times

Expertise in dealing with web server technologies across a suite of different la… more
Location Germany

winstonralph - Web Development at Paddy Power

Software developer with 11 years web development experience with nearly 2 years … more
Location Ireland

Leonel Serra - Actionscript/Flash Developer

With a degree in Computer Graphics and Multimedia Technologies and a 5 years of … more
Location Ireland

Sanjib Mitra - Systems Analyst - OSS Performance Management

Senior engineer and developer with experience in Telecommunications, Networking,… more
Location Ireland

seaders - Software Developer

For the past 10 years, I have been the 'go-to' guy most people I know (and most … more
Location Ireland

Luis Osses - Chief Technology Officer

Interests: Passionate about delivering innovative products & solutions in dynami… more