P.C. Richard And Son - Today, P.C. Richard & Son operates under the same principles it was built upon.


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Proud of operating for 102 years with honesty, integrity, and reliability, P.C. Richard & Son provides its shoppers with top-quality brands and an unmatched level of customer care. Established by Peter Christian Richard in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York City, P.C. Richard & Son grew to become one of the most recognized and trusted electronic and appliance stores in the region. Extending the range and scope of products each year, P.C. Richard & Son expanded rapidly, opening new store locations throughout New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New Jersey. The company even created the first freestanding, drive-in appliance store in the 1950s.

Not long after televisions came on the market, the new technology had a positive impact on P.C. Richard & Son’s business. As more and more customers flocked to the stores for the latest breakthroughs in color television and larger screens, they also began to purchase full entertainment systems.

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