Paulo Mateus - Instrument Pipefitter

Instrument Pipefitter at Quadromor



Work category

Manufacturing and Operations

Portuguese instrument pipefitter with 20 years of experience working pipe, initially in construction and in the last years in chemical industries, power plants, oil and gas refinery

Work experience outside of Portugal including, Spain, Holland and France

Paulo Mateus's Professional Experience

2008 - Present

Quadromor - Instrument Pipefitter

Reading technical drawing, isometric, P&IDS e Hook Up
I am experienced in a wide range of pressure testing and flushing
Manufacturer of Instrument panels and tubing for gas turbines
Tubing connection in container, cabinet and panels for sampling
Manufacture of supports, application of instruments according to the documentation
Swagelok and Parker instrumentation products service manuals and user guides
I have worked with various materials, pipes, sizes and systems. I have worked on a variety of pipe materials including copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex tubing, etc.
Ability to perform instrumentation commissioning activities.
Basic computer literacy and experience of electrical, mechanical or engineering work

Some reference works

Combined-cycle gas turbine power stations

2007 - Lares - Portugal 862 MW General Electric
2008 - Besos – Barcelona 400 MW General Electric
2009 - Pego – Portugal 830 MW Siemens
2010 - Moerdijk 2 Holland 426 MW General Electric.

Thermosolar plants
2009 - Montijo - Spain 50 MW
2012 - La Africana - Cordoba - Spain 50 MW

2011- Galp Energia Sines Portugal - Conversion project of the oil refining complex

Key Skills
Electrical engineering Mechanical
1987 - 2008

Paulo Mateus Limitada - Pipefitter / Plumber Self- employed / Manager

Areas of expertise
Domestic and industrial tubing systems
Manufacture of supports, application of instruments according to the documentation
Roads for electric cables, in metallic net and pipe of steel in
Instrumentation pipefitter, tubing for processes in pressure instruments, flow and temperature.
Displaced in Spain working with Isastur Engineering as Team Leader in the assembly of solar power plants, and industrial maintenance for nine months in 2008

Key Skills
engineering team leader welding

Paulo Mateus's Education and Qualifications

Second Level -

Paulo Mateus's Additional Information


New technologies, renewable energy and climate change are matters to which I devote some time to reading and Research
Quality of life in old age is a concern
Hiking and maintain the physical well-being