Paula Garcia - Experinced Fashion Retailer and Merchandiser.

Sales Manager at New Look



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Customer Service



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I have been working in Fashion Retail for 10 years, I have a wide experience in Customer Service and Merchandising. I have worked in diferent managerial postions within this industry and in diferent types of Stores: from fast paced High Street, to exclusive labels like Tommy Hilfiger.
I have been working in Ireland for the last 5 years, i am fluent in English and my mother tonge is Spanish.
I would like to pursue a career in a different field where I could use my knowledge of Spanish, or my experience in customer service.
I am very interested as well in the field of cosmetics and beauty therapy.

Paula Garcia's Professional Experience

2008 - Present

New Look - Sales Manager

As a Sales Manager I take care or a part the running of the shop. I do the merchandising and I work with figures to see how the stock is selling.
I take care of tills and make sure there is cover a t all times so there are no queues or customers waiting to be served. I also make sure that the service in the fitting-rooms is the appropiate and that the stock is being cleared and put back on the floor efficiently. I drive the deliveries so they are processed and put on the floor prioritising new lines and best sellers.
I do training for new staff in customer service, fitting rooms and tills, and I am currently training 2 members of staff to become supervisor.
Obviously, I am also a sales asistant and I serve customers on the floor, tills or fitting-rooms.

Key Skills
Customer Service Customer Service Merchandising Sales Manager Supervisor

Paula Garcia's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Degree in Tourism

Escuela Oficial de Turismo, Madrid.

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