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A very experienced Business/Systems Analyst and Developer possessing skills developed through many years within the Information Technology divisions of numerous market leading companies. The majority of recent experience, over 10 years, was gained in migration projects within the General Insurance industry working for Sun Alliance, Pearl, AGF, IBM/HUON Solutions, Innovation Group. Prior to that, other migration experience in logistics and nuclear power and system experience of life insurance, credit card payment and sales order processing.
Experience covers business analysis, system analysis, data analysis and programming from initial conception to successful implementation within budget, scope and timescales. Working within a customer focused, multi-site environment, maintaining the delivery of core IT services.

Paul Hills's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

Jaguar Land Rover - Business Analyst

JLR are performing a Solution Integration and Rationalization project. I joined the eSmart Solution Integration team whose primary objective is to investigate the systems and their interfaces used by overseas parts of the company (NSC’s). My next task was to make recommendations for integrating those systems into a SAP All in One solution and then deciding whether the current systems could be decommissioned.

Key Skills
2010 - 2010

Automobile Club of Southern California - Analyst Programmer

Recruited as part of an onshore team to enhance functionality of the HUON General Insurance System. Work streams included Batch and On-line system task to deliver, in short timescales, business critical system entry points including data query and access screens.
Personal ownership encompassed the technical design and delivery of amendments to multiple components built and tested using SDSF II, ensuring that each along with all supporting components (copybooks, code etc) satisfied the original business requirement.
Further tasks included design and build of new batch functionality taking a feed of vehicle VIN Numbers, Make, Model, etc, supplied by the vehicle authority and produce interfacing data for feed to downstream systems. Programs were written in COBOL II using DB2 tables and executed using JCL, screens were under the control of CICS, and implemented to production under the control of Changeman. XPEDITER and IBM Debugger were used for program error interrogation.

Key Skills
CICS data db2 IBM JCL technical design
2007 - 2009

Innovation Group - Migration Consultant

Innovation Group is a leading software provider and owns a general insurance package called ‘Innovation Insurer’. The product offers software for all major areas of general insurance: client management, policy administration, rating, billing, claims administration, agency management and financial reporting. Innovation Group offers a complete audited migration to the system and I was employed in the migration project team where I was involved in the full development life cycle from business analysis through to analysis and programming of the migration suite.

Projects included worked with Erinaceous Insurance Group, migrating data from several legacy systems, owning data mapping workshops and translating the documented rules to tailored code, written in COBOL using DB2 tables and executed with JCL.
Work stream lead for “data quality and enhancement” ensuring accuracy and removing duplication, generating reports detailing errors found. Data formats varied including XL spreadsheets for which I created macros to direct edit the data and to generate XML files for feed to the conversion routine. I also had to make changes to the migration system to meet the client’s requirements and delivered the system audit of the migration to prove the success of the migration.
Further projects included the migration of 5 million memberships for a new Automobile Membership product for CSAA and further enhancement to the core offering to target wider markets in the UK and abroad.

Key Skills
Administration Billing Business Analysis claims Client management data db2 financial reporting generating reports JCL programming Reports XML
2005 - 2007

Royal Bank of Scotland - Senior System Developer

Employed in the Service Charge Platform System team integrating the Ulster Bank systems into the Royal Bank of Scotland systems. I have mainly been involved in all aspects of the project to levy charges on customers for stamp duty on both cheques and credit cards. Programs were written in COBOL using DB2 databases and JCL and any file interrogation and manipulation was conducted using FILE-AID and EASYTRIEVE, as was the creation of test data. On successful completion of this project, I was moved to the Credit Card Fraud team writing and testing programs to highlight any unauthorised use of customer credit cards. My final task was to work with the Back Office team performing various testing (program, system, UAT, including the production of test plans) of both on-line and batch programs for the Loan Cancellation system. Program source code was controlled by ENDEVOR.

Key Skills
data db2 JCL
2002 - 2003

IBM Global Process Services - Data Migration Team Lead

Working as part of a team implementing a major change to the O2 mobile phone systems. My first task was to assist in the implementation of the Geneva Billing System upgrade. I investigated the best method of transporting the Geneva system data from a Sun Solaris machine in one site to an AIX machine in another. I then spent time writing the build notes for the execution of the migration, an ‘idiots guide’ of what to run, in what order, what the expected run times and what the expected results should be, including reconciliation checks and what to do in the event of an error. I then moved to the migration team where I lead a team of 4 analysts to create program specifications and much of the documentation for the migration of data from various systems into one new system.

Key Skills
AIX Billing data Solaris SUN
2000 - 2001

EDS Group - A/P & Programming Team Lead

Sub-contracted to the MOD, I worked on the migration of several logistic and store systems to a new Data Stores Management System. The new system was the INDUS Passport system written in COBOL II and using DB2 tables, JCL and CICS. I was firstly involved in the business analysis of the current systems and the field mapping of current data sources to the new system fields, entering all fields and migration requirements into an Approach Database. Data interrogation was done using EASYTRIEVE and FILE-AID. This included identifying data cleansing tasks and fields requiring transformation. I was then involved in the design of the migration system. I also assisted in the design of coding standards and in the QA of all specifications. Finally, I became the programming team leader, responsible for the overseeing of 9 programmers, allocating work, supervising all code and writing code when required, managing system testing, etc. I was also responsible for the running of system and performance testing, identifying where fine tuning was required.

Key Skills
Business Analysis CICS data db2 JCL Performance Testing programming System testing team leader
2000 - 2000

DWL Inc - Analyst Programmer

Sub-contracted to Royal Sun Alliance in Toronto I was part of a project team making enhancements to the HUON PROTECT General Insurance system. One of my main pieces of work was to speed up the client search feature of the system and also then allow one broker access to the client information of another broker within the same company. Code was written in COBOL II and the database DB2 with the screen handling controlled by CICS and batch programs run using JCL. On-line programs were de-bugged using XPEDITER and batch programs by using ABEND-AID. ENDEVOR was used to control source code. FILE-AID was used for file interrogation.

Key Skills
1996 - 1998

IBM-Huon Solutions - Migration Specialist

Employed as a specialist aiding with the migration to the HUON Solution. Advising which DB2 tables had to be populated for the system to operate, assisting with the development of a complete migration package and designing the most appropriate method of implementing the migrated data. This work was carried out for clients in Halifax and Paris. A decision was made to build a migration package to convert both existing clients from old versions of the HUON Solution to a new version and also convert new client’s legacy systems to the new version. I worked as a system designer on the migration package. My area of responsibility was the financial aspects of the system. I lead a team of 3 other analysts creating both external and internal system design documents and the writing of COBOL program specifications which were then passed to an offshore programming team. All screen handling was controlled by CICS and batch programs were executed using JCL. Again, EXPEDITER, ABEND-AID and FILE-AID were used for debugging and file interrogation.

Key Skills
CICS data db2 designer JCL programming System Design
1996 - 1996

AGF Insurance - Analyst Programmer

Employed in a project team working on the migration of a motor insurance system, again to the HUON General Insurance package. My first task was to identify the DB2 tables to be populated by the migration followed by creating the migration rules document. I carried out and documented a migration feasibility study on another motor insurance product and analysed and programmed the production of entry forms for the manual conversion of commercial products.

Key Skills
1992 - 1996

Pearl Assurance - Migration Analyst/Programmer

Employed in a project team migrating Fire & Accident and Motor Insurance systems to a new general insurance package called PROTECT. I identified the old system master files, created system flow diagrams using ABC Flowcharter and the Policy and Accounting field maps. I then produced program specifications, the programs were written by an offshore programming team, and assisted with system and user acceptance testing. I also corrected any programming errors. Programs were written in COBOL II using a DB2 database and executed using JCL.

Key Skills
db2 JCL programming

Paul Hills's Education and Qualifications


Certificate - , Sport, Cricket,Hockey,Rugby

Chatham House Grammar School

captain of broadstairs 1st team cricket club for several years.Played as opening bat for Burnham,Taplow,Rottingdean and Aalexandre Park cricket clubs over a number of years.Also plkayed rugby for Windsor rugby club.

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