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Currently I am self-employed as a partner with the Irish company The Volunteer Sales Force and as a partner I promote the products and services of the various companies that TVSF have created smart partnerships with.

For example, TVSF have partnered with:
- Blueface, an Irish Voice over IP telecoms provider
- Pinergy, an Irish company providing an electricity service to domestic users
- Atkins UK, the UK banch of the global Atkins organisation, providing weight loss management advice

Previously I was self employed as an independent Imagine associate, bringing on board business and corporate customers to the Imagine telecoms services.

I am also a qualified Software Engineer and I offer my services to small businesses on a part time basis to carry out projects related to MS Access databases. I also program in JavaScript and PHP.

In my spare time I enjoy been a Leinster Branch rugby referee as it keeps me fit and involved in a sport that I love.

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