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Paul B. Altman's Managing Director of Altman Real Estate role at The Altman Real Estate Group (2014 - Present)

For over 30 years Altman Real Estate has represented the widest selection of real estate for sale or rent in Barbados and the Caribbean. Our aim is to cover every segment of the business, from individual homes to large luxury developments, from beachfront villas to Plantation Great Houses in country settings. The company's core lines of business include:- Real Estate Sales, Luxury Villa Rental Programs, Commercial Property Management, Residential Property Management, Long-term Property Rentals, Hotel Management, Condominium Management, Property Valuations, Property Insurance - Sub-agents for United Insurance.
Altman Real Estate is an international associate of Savills.

Contact Details:-
Head Office
Derricks, St. James
Barbados, BB24008
Tel: (246) 432-0840
Fax: (246) 432-2147

Opening Hours:
6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

UK 0 808 120 2364
IRELAND 1 800 550 167
US/CANADA 1 866 360 5292


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