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Online Strategy & Operations (Contract Position) at Eason



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Paul Abbott's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

Memods - Operations Director

I am working on all the processes and procedures required to successfully bring a product from concept to market.

I am working on a webstore, physical retailer negotiations, logistics partnerships, payment processing, marketing and all the other fun things involved in start-ups.

Naturally everything has to be done on a shoestring.

Key Skills
2011 - Present

Eason - Online Strategy & Operations (Contract Position)

I am working with Easons on their online strategy and presence across Ireland. I am advising on best practices for user experience on each of Easons websites. I am implementing and overseeing above the line and below the line marketing, strategic online/offline partnerships, online advertising campaigns and affiliates.

I am advising on best practices for syncing the customer experience in company owned stores and franchise stores, by creating a workable system to reward physical franchise stores for online revenue they generate for the company.

Key Skills
Marketing strategy
2010 - 2011 - Co-founder & Operations Director

I was a founding member of Gruupy over the summer of 2010. In addition to all the planning and brainstorming a start-up requires, I built and managed our database of suppliers who are from all around the world. I sourced products and suppliers via all available avenues, including cold calling/emailing, trade shows, personal contacts, and networking. It was up to me to ensure we had a great product to sell everyday and to ensure the products got from the suppliers to our customers quickly and efficiently.

I also put our fulfillment partnership in place, created and managed our returns policy and procedure, and managed our customer service department.

Key Skills
Customer Service Customer Service Networking
2008 - 2011

Jolt Online Gaming - Operations and Commercial Manager

Jolt Online Gaming is one of the leading social game publishers in Europe. I joined the company when it consisted of a handful of people in a small office. By the time I left, Jolt employed over 50 people and had become the online division of GameStop (NYSE:GME), the world’s largest video games retailer with 6,500 stores.

Jolt pioneered the integrated retail/online marketing model in GameStop which converted store customers into online consumers. It is one of the first successful implementations of this kind in the world. I played a pivotal role in the planning, design and execution of this system, leading the rollout through GameStop’s global network. The creation of this system required detailed integration and communication between the online game team in Jolt and many retail divisions in GameStop including Store Ops, IT, Merchandising, Legal, Logistics and frequently senior store staff directly.

The success of the program has been discussed publicly with analysts and by the Jolt founder. It allowed us to acquire customers at a fraction of the price that online marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google would have cost. In addition to this role, I was also responsible for Jolt’s prepaid card program (through retail channels) and the management of their online marketing activities including online ads, affiliates, and email campaigns.

Jolt titles include Utopia Kingdoms (Facebook), Playboy Party (Facebook), Championship Manager (Facebook) and Jolt Poker (Browser).

Key Skills
2008 - 2009 - Founder & Managing Director

I started as a taxi sales and rental business. had a fleet of taxis which were rented out on a weekly basis. The taxi industry became over-crowded, so I have since converted into an online trading ground. Taxi drivers can buy/sell/rent a taxi or taxi plate for free on

I was the only person involved in so I managed every aspect of the business.

Key Skills
2007 - 2009

Auto Consulting - Founder & Managing Director

I started Auto Consulting to cater for a variety of car buyers and sellers. Auto Consulting was like a car broker; I would buy and sell cars on behalf of my customers to ensure optimal value and peace of mind. My customers came from all over Ireland and ranged from businessmen to students and everything in between. It was a great business and thoroughly enjoyable, but I closed it down when the motor industry came under pressure around 2008.

I was the only person involved in Auto Consulting so I managed every aspect of the business.

Paul Abbott's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - BA, Business

Dublin Business School


Bachelor/Degree - Leaving Cert,

The King's Hospital

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