Patrick  Moffett - Testing Damaged Materials and Indoor Air Quality

Senior Environmental & Industrial Hygienist at Environmental Management & Engineering, Inc.



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United States

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An environmental remediation professional with more than 25 years of experience, Patrick Moffett presently serves on the staff of Environmental Management & Engineering, Inc., in Huntington Beach, California. In his position as Senior Environmental/Industrial Hygienist, Mr. Moffett coordinates inspection and cleanup of buildings contaminated by fire, water, mold, and sewage. Houses, hospitals, schools, high-rise buildings, and industrial buildings are examples of properties that Patrick Moffett has addressed in his years of service. Mr. Moffett also offers his expertise during court arbitration and mediation hearings, having operated in this capacity more than 150 times.

Part of Patrick Moffett’s senior role involves testing damaged materials and indoor air quality; he also communicates with property owners, contractors, and other professionals during the remediation process.

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