Patrick Judge - Plant operator

Assistant manger at Foran sports turf



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Patrick Judge's Professional Experience

2004 - Present

Foran sports turf - Assistant manger

• Planning and installing sophisticated drainage systems for the sports turf industry
• Design, fabrication and operation of specialized machinery
• Driver of all makes and sorts of machinery from 360 degree diggers to self-propelled gravel cart.

Patrick Judge's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Horticulture

ITB Blanchardstown

Bachelors Degree in Horticultural Science.

Patrick Judge's Additional Information


 I served a nine month Internship in the Sand barrens Golfclub New Jersey in the U.S.
 I have successfully completed both a Safe Pass course and a manual handling course.
 I spent a year traveling throughout Asia and Australia. During this time I encountered a wide variety of people and their cultures. I feel that both my communication and people management skills have benefited from this experience.
 I successfully completed a ten week basic CAD course.
 Full Drivers License.
 Successfully completed thesis for my Bachelors degree on “Golf course Architects Past and Present”.
 I have successfully completed both a 360 degree and 180 degree excavator tickets.
 Certification in Husqvarna garden sales
 Certification in Husqvarna products.