Padraig Mannion - Digital Media Entrepeneur

Managing Director at Studio Rua



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Media and Design



I am an entrepreneur at heart, and am working on perfecting the art of life and business. This is done by creating businesses that are good for the employees, the customers, and the world (in my opinion).
As a natural storyteller I look to create new and exiting narratives in everything that I do, whether it is directing a film, creating a website, developing a game, or as a team leader. It is these stories that I bring to all the rich media experiences that we create in Studio Rua.

Padraig Mannion's Professional Experience

2007 - Present

Studio Rua - Managing Director

Our mission is to create rich media experiences that change the world.

We are working on some exciting projects in-house, but also work as a service company for the tech and advertising industry. Within advertising we have worked with the best agencies in the country, and some of the biggest brands.

Padraig Mannion's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Film Production

IADT National Film School


Bachelor/Degree - Design Communication Animation

IADT NAtional Film School

Padraig Mannion's Additional Information




business, start ups, record collecting, animation.


Galway Film Fleadh 2006
Students Shorts 2006
Kodak Student Commercial Competition 2007