Ovidiu Avarvarei

Geography and english teacher at Technological Agricultural HighSchool "Mihail Kogalniceanu"

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Ovidiu Avarvarei's Geography and english teacher role at Technological Agricultural HighSchool "Mihail Kogalniceanu" (1998 - Present)

1. Geography teaching for grades 5-12, English for grades 11-12

2. Since 2001, teacher of Geography at the Agricultural School Group "Mihail Kogalniceanu", Miroslava

3. Teacher of Geography and Computer knowledge at Borris Landbrugs & Naturskole, Skjern, Denmark. for 1 month
Teacher of geography and English at a bilingual school in the village Cadca, Slovakia from January 2005 to July 2006; teacher at a private college in Cadca, Slovakia, the First Certificate in English (FCE) B2

During 1999-2001, teacher at the Lyceum "Gheorghe Asachi"
During 1998-1999, teacher at High School "Alecsandri"
During 1996-1999, teacher at High School "V. Alecsandri "
During 1996-1997, teacher at High School "Emil Racovita"

4. Graduate of the "strategic support program in the Romanian educational system - Geography", organized by the International Language Centre (Associate Member of the European Association for Quality Language Services, EAQUALS), in cooperation with the School Inspectorate Iasi, June 1999.
- Participant in the course "Cross - Curriculum Materials Writing" course organized by The British Council (Bulgaria) and the Ministry of Education and Science (Bulgaria) by the department - Service Teacher Training "Dr. Petar Beron ", Varna, Bulgaria - July 2002
- Participant in the course "English for Teachers" - an inquiry based approach for Subject Teachers (ES-017-2002), in Limmerick, The Irish Republic, July 2003.
- Participant in the International ELT Conference "English Language Teaching in V4 countries" in Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic, organized by Jonah eventiment Centre and City & Guilds Organization
- Comenius Project Coordinator (Europint)
- Project Coordinator Etrain Grundtvig LP (08-GRU-P-LP-32-IS-DE)
- Project Coordinator Mobility Advising Grundtvig (GRU-12-P-LP-132-IS-DE)
- Project Coordinator Cross border International project with Republic of Moldavia code MIS ETC 922


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