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Interior architect/designer at Mind Synthesis Design and Management Sdn.Bhd



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I'm a young, talented, brilliant interior architect with a pure thirst to learn and to apply all i have learned over the 5 years of being a student. A down to earth person willing to go the extra mile to get things done right and on time. I have the love of starting new things and developing them and using my free time to see how others in the industry design and show their creativity. I love to travel and visit famous cities with a lot of history and to see how modernized they have become.

One Mogae's Professional Experience

2009 - 2009
Key Skills
adobe photoshop Auto cad 2d & 3d Design sketching Google Sketchup Microsoft Office
2006 - 2006

Mudhut Recording Studio - Voice Over Artist and Assistant

Day to day running of the Studio, managing office paper work, client laison, accounts department, receptionist work and regular voice over works for radio commercials etc.