Nutan Mhetras - protein chemistry,enzymolgy,fermentation technology

Research associate at Agharkar research institute,pune



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Pharmaceutical and Science



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Nutan Mhetras's Professional Experience

2008 - 2010

Agharkar research institute,pune - Research associate

Worked as Research associate in Agharkar Research Institute, Pune on DBT project entitled “Bio-production of lichen metabolites and their antimicrobial, antioxidant, cardiovascular-protective and antitumor activities in vitro.” In this project we focused on inhibition of HMG CoA reductase (HMGR), angiotensin converting enzyme –I (ACE) as well as fibrinolytic activity by lichen extract. Since HMG CoA reductase is cholesterol synthesis enzyme and ACE is responsible for regulating blood pressure, so this enzyme were studied as far as cardiovascular protective properties of lichen extract is concerned. Enzyme kinetics of this two enzyme also studied

Nutan Mhetras's Education and Qualifications


PhD/Doctorate - Proteomics,Enzymology

National Chemical Laboratory,pune

I completed my Ph.D. on the topic “Isolation, purification and characterization of acidic lipase from Aspergillus niger NCIM 1207” under the guidance of Dr. D. V. Gokhale Head, NCIM, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. Lipase from A. niger NCIM 1207 is active at low pH and such lipase has not been reported so far in the literature. This works resulted in one US patent 6,534,303 (“Process for preparation of acidic lipase.”) and five publications in reputed international journals. Lipase was characterized for its physical and biochemical properties. Active site of lipase also was studied by chemical modification.