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Noel Alvarez's Professional Experience

2010 - 2011

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I have working experience for 10 years andI I have good skills in seamanship and has the knowledge to drive a crane and a gantry.I have good communication skill in english and knows how to read harbour maps. I know how to navigate small yatch as have a national license as Officer in charge{ships mate).I have a world wide trade in Australia, New Zealand. Canada,& U.S.A.I want to apply full time as an Able Seaman in U,K. for longevity in the company.

Noel Alvarez's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Bachelor of Sciences in Marine Transportation

zamboanga state college o tech.

I know how to disciplined myself to collect my personal garbages and separate from plastics and make sure the plastic it will not thrown to sea.