Niuniu  Ji - Niuniu Ji is the founder and Chairman of Intrepid Investments, LLC, a global merchant bank founded in 2007.

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Niuniu Ji is the Chairman of Intrepid Investments, LLC, a merchant bank founded in 2007 and based in the United States Virgin Islands. At the helm of Intrepid Investments, Niuniu Ji helps Internet-focused businesses plan and steer their finances. In addition to his position at Intrepid Investments, Niuniu Ji sits on the board of Selling Source, one of the United States’ largest digital selling companies. By offering services to hundreds of Fortune 2000 companies, Selling Source boasts annual revenues of $300 million.

In 2008, Intrepid Investments donated $50,000 to the Beacon Schools of the Virgin Islands, Inc., designating the funds for after-school community learning centers. Niuniu Ji has made substantial contributions to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he has endowed various scholarships for students of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management.

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Bachelor/Degree - Engineering Science

University of Oxford

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