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A Brief Thought On Mortgage Lead Generation

on 14 Mar 2011 13:01 | Viewed 1062 times

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So you’re heading back in from a 3 day weekend, officially billed “the last real weekend of summer”. I hope you had a great time, and are chomping at the bit to make some great things happen this week. I wanted to talk to you briefly about making use of the marketing opportunities that are out there right now waiting for. (Each of us has an opportunity every single day to make great things happen) If you’re still in the beginning stages of marketing to Realtors, here’s some thoughts I would like to share with you:

#1 – Start now… Right now!

Marketing to Realtors is all about momentum. Unfortunately, it’s so darn easy to question ourselves and worry if we’re “really ready” to get started, and we tend to put things off. This is why in 2010 I launched many tools that do not require you to be a marketing expert, or answer a bunch of questions to send to your agents. The newsletter series mentioned above is just one example of this, as is the SEO poster and mini e-book.

If you did nothing more than focus your efforts on getting these helpful tools into the hands of your target agents, you’d be several large steps ahead of most other loan officers struggling to get Realtors to give them loans. (Unsure of what marketing tools I’m talking about? Then register for my free webinar at the bottom of this post and learn how to implement these powerful strategies)

#2 – Follow up regularly

This one is intimidating isn’t it? I’m with you there. I still remember my first few follow ups to my “dream team” of agents. Know how I felt? Like a timid school did sauntering up to the table “Please sir… Can I have some more…” (Oliver Twist?) Really, I felt a bit like a beggar and failed to realize just how much these agents needed me. But my first success came within my very first week of following up, and it emboldened me… Then my second success popped, then another.

It’s like a snowball effect of confidence molding you into a confident professional who views follow up calls as “so darn easy” you can’t keep yourself from making those calls. I’m not lying or stretching the truth here one bit, this is how it really happens folks. These calls need not be scary so long as you’ve given yourself a built in excuse to make the call. (Calls without a purpose are still scary to me, as I don’t feel I’m accomplishing anything. Calls with a purpose on the other hand are as easy to make as… well…Something really easy to do) – Sorry, ran out of cool sounding references!

Place a quick call to make sure the agent received the latest newsletter. Ask for their feedback. See if they’d like to receive your SEO poster. Ask if they’d like your help submitting their site to Google Places ( Powerful!) and as we discussed on last weeks call, you can even offer to provide mini-sites for all their listings!

What do all these calls have in common? VALUE! You’re offering something they benefit from. If they turn you down, then too bad for them right? There is no reason to feel sheepish, or embarrassed for offering something they need. That’s my take on the whole follow up process, and I hope you decide to follow suit. With all the powerful tools at your disposal, there’s no reason you cannot have several new referral partners by the end of this month. Make it an awesome and productive week, and I’ll see you on the Lab!


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