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My name is Nicholas Amorim, I'm 25-years old and I'm living and studying photography in Dublin. I've been a programmer in Brazil for the past 5 years and recently I've been trying to broaden my possibilities. I have good communication skills and I know how to make myself understood. I like to think of myself as an any-problem-solver.

I have worked with several different languages (Python, PHP, C, Javascript, Lua, Shell Script, etc) and participated in very distinct projects. I was very fortunate to have worked in a passionate and debate-friendly environment.

Nicholas Amorim's Professional Experience

2007 - Present

Freelancer - Programmer

- Created a tool for one client which consisted in the conversion of CSV files into workable XLS spreadsheets using formulas, colors and currency conversion using Python and PyExcelerator.

- To another client, I was assigned the task of create a web tool to generate reports based on Asterisk's (Digital PBX) log files.

- In, a company hired to create a Lua script providing a IVR which provided a order number, would vocalize to the calling customer the shipping status.

Key Skills
Asterisk EXCEL FreeSwitch IVR lua PBX pyexcelerator Python Reports
2005 - 2012

Mares Telecom - Senior Programmer

Mares Telecom is a telecom company focused on in-house innovations to carriers, call centers and enterprise customers.

- Senior developer in several web services like ZugSMS, Uofer (where users could tweet via SMS), VirtuMoney (social network focused on multi-level marketing), all of them which were built using Python, Django, jQuery, PostgreSQL and SVN.

- Lead developer in WebVP, a web tool to control Freeswitch (Digital PBX) via XML-RPC. Extensive research was done at the time to decide the best approach. Frontend developed in Python and Django. Backend were mostly Lua and Python scripts acting within Freeswitch.

- As our main services were heavily tied with SMS, I was responsible for the administration of a Debian server running Kannel, an open source SMS gateway. I was also assigned the task to couple Kannel’s delivery report (DLR) with our SMS services.

- I've developed a complete IVR framework in Lua, based on company requirements coupling the company's sound library with its business logic.

- Developed TorpedoMídia a website which allowed the users to send bulk SMS in Brazil. At the time, we've used PHP and the Smarty framework coupled with MySql.

- Developed a few useful tools to the company’s Bulk SMS service developing a graphical SMS sending tool in Python and QT, which also used PIL for image manipulation.

Key Skills
debian Django FreeSwitch IVR jQuery Kannel lua PHP pyqt Python qt Red Hat SMS SVN SysAdmin
2005 - 2005

iTarget - Junior Developer

- Junior Developer in a CMS solution, itPack ( developed in PHP.

- Developed a graphical Document Scanner using Python and wxWidgets. The tool scans documents, gathers user input and then store it into a MySql database for later use.

Key Skills
cms MySQL PHP Python Scanner wxWidgets
2005 - 2005

Brazilian Dental Association - CE - System Administrator

System administrator responsible for three servers. I've configured Apache and Firebird. I've implemented Samba file sharing amongst at least 35 computers. I was also in charge of the technical maintenance of the computers. Developed several utiliy tools in Shell Script and Python. The servers were comprised of Debian and Red Hat.

Key Skills
Administrator Apache cms computer maintenance debian Dental Firebird Linux MySQL PHP Red Hat Samba Shell Script system administrator

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