Niamh Daly - University student with over 4 years retail experience

shop assistant at Rosie Keanes Newsagents



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HI im Niamh and I am a 21year old university student. I have four years experience working in a busy newsagents and am looking to find a part-time/summer job where my experience would be useful.

Niamh Daly's Professional Experience

2006 - 2011

Rosie Keanes Newsagents - shop assistant

I worked in the newsagents part-time whilst in school and University. My main duties included serving customers, stocking shelves, delivering newspapers, handling customer daily account books, cleaning and general upkeep of the shop.

Niamh Daly's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - MA Health and Social Studies

The University of Glasgow

I am still in education as I am working towards a Masters degree from the University of Glasgow in Health and Social studies. But I feel I have gained a lot from my experiences so far such as patience and good co-operation while undertaking group projects. Motivation and perseverance have also been very important.