Niall Maguire - Senior Fund Accountant

Senior Fund Accountant at Axtec Financial Services (Luxembourg) S.A.



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Niall Maguire's Financial Accountant role at Trinity Fund Administration; Dublin, Ireland (2004 - 2004)

Trinity Fund Administration Limited is a fund administrator that also offers administration & accounting and specialised managed account services and reporting amongst others.

Selected work experience and achievements

Financial accounting: responsible for managing and producing financial statements and reports for a number of fund and
management companies for a medium sized fund accounting company.
Financial analysis: produced monthly and/or annual analytical summaries of key financial indicators in addition to the financial accounts.
Statutory reporting: ensured that the annual audit was completed and that the statutory accounts were submitted to Head Office and the financial regulator within three months of the funds financial year end.
Strategic management: identification of key areas of the business requiring review and rationalisation in relation to the company’s own internal systems of control.

Demonstrated skills in analysing the operating expenses and the profitability of each income stream of the firm.
Initiated plans for a cost effective operation which resulted in increasing the profitability of the firm.
Streamlined and controlled the finance and budgeting process, ensured timeliness, accuracy and consistency as well as analysed variances and suggested corrective actions.
Improved the process of submitting statutory returns of the funds to the financial regulator which were easily reconciled to the published financial statements.
Substantially improved the completion time of the published financial statements and the annual audit.


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