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Hi, my name is Niall and i am the software development manager here at

Niall Dawson's Professional Experience

2012 - Present

Ultimate Rugby - CTO

AWS Cloud hosted rugby IPhone and Android App with LEMP stack (Php, Nginx, Mysql, Linux) backend

Key Skills
2011 - Present - CTO

AWS hosted online trading software, LEMP (Linux, Nginx, Mysql, Php) stack backend

Key Skills
2009 - Present - Software Development Manager

tech used - PHP, Mysql, Ajax, Linux, JQuery, Zend, Apache, OAuth, Doctrine, Subversion, MVC, nginx etc.

Key Skills
2008 - 2009 - Software Developer

A great Australian online radio website i worked on

Key Skills
2005 - 2009

Solutions from Silicon - Software Developer

• Development of software in Delphi 6 to Delphi 2007 – C# using VS .NET 2003 – 2008.
• Designed and developed command and control, simulation and planning tools for the Mine Warfare division of the Australian, UK, Malaysian and Estonian and Saudi Arabian navies (MINTACS).
• Responsible for liaising with numerous 3rd parties organizations at a technical level to allow cooperative development of interface specifications.
• Extensive experience in developing GIS systems.
• Technologies included COM, OO design, DUnit/NUnit test framework, MSSQL, MySQL, XML, XSD.
• Responsible for writing mapping and design documents for use by development team in the conversion of various hardware combat system data structures and 3rd party systems to SfS system data structures.
• Responsible for implementing and maintaining production build system.
• Coordinated team activities ensuring members were staying on task and schedule.
• Profiled and optimized software using AQTime suite of software tools.
• Developed as solo developer and up to teams of 5 developers.

Key Skills
.NET C# Database Design Delphi DUnit GIS MINTACS MSSQL MySQL NUNIT SOE software developer SQL Server XML XSD XSLT
2003 - 2005

QUMAS - Software Developer

• Development of software in Delphi 5 / 6, Java
• Technologies included COM+, IIS, multi-tiered programming, OO design and development, DUnit, JUnit unit testing framework, Documentum (DFC Programming), DQL, Oracle9i, SQL, JNI, XML, XSLT and Javascript
• Responsible for writing up detailed design specifications for new projects
• Designed automated tools for improving productivity of development
• Responsible for implementing code review procedures for use within the software development department
• Designed and developed latest enterprise products for use in life sciences industry (Pharmaceutical and Biomedical)
• Profiled and tuned software using Turbopower SleuthQA and AQTime
• Developed in teams of 5 – 25 developers during 3 primary projects in QUMAS

Key Skills
2000 - 2003

Coretime - Software Developer

• Development of software in Delphi 5 / JavaScript / DHTML
• Responsible for the design and development of fully web enabled ASP (application service provider) product using ISAPI on IIS4/5 and MySQL
• Evaluated vendor software packages for use in the development department
• Reported to the software development manager and general manager in development progress
• Led a team of 3 developers in various development tasks, ensuring conformance to company coding standards and the meeting of development deadlines
• Installation, configuration and maintenance of corporate Web server in Internet data center (Inflow). This would later become the company application server used for hosting the ASP product
• Liaised with high priority customers to ensure enhancement and modification requests were correctly specified and prioritized for development. This also involved pre sales meetings to establish system and network requirements based on company profile
• Maintenance and support of existing desktop product

Key Skills
Database Design Delphi DHTML IIS JavaScript MySQL SQL
1998 - 2000

Flextime - Software Developer

• Development of software in Delphi 3 / 5
• Managed the localization of existing products
• Developed multi tiered software on NT platform using Paradox and SQL Server databases
• Developed software using OLE and DCOM
• Report writing using Report Builder reporting tool
• Had considerable customer contact with project team during implementation proces

Key Skills
builder DCOM Delphi localization OLE Paradox Report Builder SQL SQL Server

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University of Sydney

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