Neil Forsberg

Vice- president/ Chief Scientific Officer at OmniGen Research LLC

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United States

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An accomplished Nutritional Scientist, Neil Forsberg, Ph.D., currently serves as the Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of OmniGen Research, LLC in Corvallis, Oregon. Established in 2002, OmniGen Research develops nutritional formulas for dairy cows. OmniGen’s formulas are free from controversial antibiotics and help to increase the immune systems of dairy cows. Neil Forsberg helped to grow the company from nothing and currently contributes to the research, marketing, and management. Under his leadership, OmniGen Research feeds roughly 1.5 million dairy cows each year in the United States, earning $5 million in annual profits.

Prior to joining OmniGen Research, Neil Forsberg served as a Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at Oregon State University. His achievements in that position included developing an animal growth research project that gained international recognition.

Neil Forsberg's Education and Qualifications


PhD/Doctorate - Nutrition/Physiological Sciences

University of California at Davis


Masters/PostGrad - Animal Science/Chemistry

University of Manitoba

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Support previous alma mater (UC Davis), SCUBA diving Pilot and private plane owner (Bonanza A35) International Travel Investing in real estate Collecting old Mustangs (have a 1965 and 1972) Also collect "cool" cars: have an Audi R8 Fishing and kayaking Professional sleeping!


American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS; 1986-present) American Institute of Nutrition (AIN; 1990-1996) American Society of Nutritional Sciences (ASNS; 1996-present)