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2010 - Present

NowPos M Solutions Pvt. Ltd - Techical Consultant; Technologies Used : PHP,Window NT 4.0,IIS 4.0, MySQL .

Description: is an end-2-end Web based platform for selling Low Cost Exam Paper's. Aimed at providing efficient service with customer Via Web

Involved right from the day one of the product.
Involved in Collecting the requirements through WEB, Field Study, Analyzing the existing CRM tools and their functionalities
Involved in Requirement Analysis, Scope and de-scope of the Product.
Involved in developing the Prototypes, Involved in designing of GUI screens, Database Design
Involved in Coding for Presentation Layer, Business Logic Layer, Data Access Layer and Database Layer.
Involved in giving framework to other related screens for the programmer.
Involved in deploying the Product at client location and onsite maintenance.; : 2
Technologies Used : IPhone 4.0 SDK, Android 2.0

Key Skills
CRM data Database Design IIS MySQL PHP Programmer
2009 - Present

MPaper - Team Leader

Team Size : 3
Technologies Used : J2ME , Kuix FrameWork .
MPaper is GPRS-based Advertising Solution for the Mobile Devices, enables providers to generate new revenue and increase subscriber loyalty by leveraging their Content delivery to create relevant, targeted advertising. With the application, operators insert message text or advertising before or after the existing, GPRS content.
The MPaper ODPs, rich clients that reside on mobile handsets, were originally deployed to
simplify the download of free mobile content like ring-tones and games. They now represent a dynamic new advertising delivery channel. Banners, paid search placement and rich-media advertisements that incorporate images, videos and games can be displayed at a variety of locations on the ODP interface.

Key Skills
2009 - Present

IFestival - Team Lead

Team Size : 1
Technologies Used : IPhone 2.2.1 SDK, APSN, MapKit, CFNetwork.

iFestival was built to bridge the connection between Fans and Music Festivals. For the music fans, iFestival allows you to easily track your favorite festivals with push technology, retrieve artist bios, build your own personal itinerary, find the nearest hotels, list out festival vendors and capture photos.

For the festival, iFestival gives you a instant, mobile link with your audience by easily broadcasting messages to all that follow your festival. The completely new iFestival administration tools allows you to easily setup and maintain your festival and message.

Key Skills
Administration broadcasting
2009 - Present

TSVi, Inc - Team Lead

iTranscribe is a voice recorder with the ability to record in 8 or 16 bit PCM, MP3 (32kbps,64kbps,128 kbps)
and CAF encoding. Developed for a leading Medical Transcription Company in US, who has been providing transcription services to physicians for over a decade, and the archived Voice files can be securely transferred to FTP Server for transcription.

Key Skills
2008 - Present

Mantiss Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd - Team Member

Team Size : 10
Technologies Used : Visual C++6.0,ASP 2.0, MTS, Visual Interdev, Window NT 4.0,IIS 4.0, SQL Server.

Description; CLECware is a fully integrated a web enabled B2B Order Management and Provisioning system that is geared towards facilities based CLECs, Data CLECs and switch-less resellers of local services. The system allows CLECs to electronically perform pre-ordering activities such as Customer Service Records (CSR) acquisition, Address Validation, Telephone Numbers and Due Date negotiation, while placing LSR orders for local resale services, porting telephone numbers (LNP), Unbundled Loops and other products.

CLECware suite of products allows Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) to establish trading partnerships and exchange LSR (Local Service Request) transactions with Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs), such; CLECware is a web enabled B2B solution for order provisioning for CLECs. It's implemented on multi tier Architecture. VB and ASPs are for front end. The Business logic (user level) is in the Active X controls developed in VB. This layer interfaces with COM Layer (developed in VC++), which in turn has interface with SQL Server for saving the Order in the Database. Rogue wave Libraries are used for Database connectivity. A Daemon process (developed in VC++) invokes GENTRAN for sending the Order to respective ILECs through EDI. The Product
takes care of automation of all the business logic and LSOG standards are followed. It enables CLECs to do reliable and error free order provisioning from different ILECs.
Involved as team member in developing the Demon Process, using VC++, which is a middle tier for the ILEC

Key Skills
Customer Service architecture ASP automation B2B C++ CSR Customer Service data IIS Negotiation order management SQL SQL Server Validation Visual C++
2008 - Present

Mucleus - Team Leader

Team Size : 3
Technologies Used : Motorola 6.4 SDK for J2ME , Series60 Nokia C++ SDK

NowPos online has a platform agnostic approach for building search on mobile devices. The software is capable of doing fast search on following type of contents:

· Contacts
· File System (Music, Video, Text, PDF, documents)
. Todo List
. Notes
. Calendar Events

The software in its present status is capable of running on Nokia platform and Motorola platform. Mucleus is developed on Nokia Devices using Series 60 C++ API on Symbian OS, and for Motorola using J2ME

Key Skills
2007 - Present

Enterprise Optimus - Team Member

Team Size : 12
Technologies Used : ASP, VC++ 6.0,Window NT 4.0,IIS 4.0, SQL Server.; Description:
Project Optimus is a 3-tier architecture with ASP as User Services,
Components as middle-tier, which implements the business logic and the code encryption and SQL Server 7.0 as the database layer.
Its an integrated enterprise web application which involves in the automation of all the project related activities like project schedules, estimates, identifying milestones, tasks, subtasks and reworks. it also involves maintaining employee information in the Organization and their daily time sheets, which is time, spent on various project activities. These details are used for billing purposes for the clients. Status reports are then sent by the employees for the tasks in the form of percentages, which can be daily /weekly and the employee performances can be tracked based on the status reports sent.
This application provides facilities to connect different resources working on various project activities, while they are at geographically different locations.

Involvement in analysis, designing and development of Project Information System Module ,The Employee Status Reports Module, Employee Leave Sheets and its Implementation, Resource Management , Client Management
Involved in designing the Database Tables using SQL Server 7.0
Designed the HTML pages Visual Interdev and ASP and are source control enables
Developed Components for Data Access Layer and Business Logic for the above said modules. Management of Database administration, which also includes creation of users and assigns privileges.
Developed generalized functions through which popup sliding menu can be displayed in the web pages at the desired positions, using Java Script function constructors.

Key Skills
Administration architecture ASP automation Billing Client management data Database Administration HTML IIS Java Optimus Reports Resource Management SQL SQL Server SQL Server 7 Web Application
2007 - Present

phaon Inc - Web Services

Phaon Inc. has been a pioneer in providing enterprises with a powerful process management tools through a familiar email interface. Our goal was to development the Beacon server which would solve client's process management needs. We have followed process management approach to review and approve specific mortgage loans. While several stages in the process were automated, complex reviews often required the efforts of numerous departments in the bank and the involvement of multiple external stakeholders.
This is a cross-platform messaging system with code trigger actions, routing rules and connections to the existing loan processing systems. Through this system, workers receive easy-to-complete forms within their MS Outlook email client, know who is responsible for the next step and can track various loan documents as they move through the approval process.
Beacon is an email based process management tool, which uses the existing resources to gather and display the required data. Following are the modules involved in it.
Administration, Process engine, Workflow engine, Rules Engine, Forms manager, Resource manager, Beacon Web client ,
Development, Testing, & Implementation.
Configuration Manager and Build Master

Key Skills
Administration data Mortgage Outlook Resource Manager STEP
2007 - Present

BEACON - Business Process Language - Team Member

Team Size : 5
Technologies Used Java-1.2, J2EE1.3, EJB, Java Mail, AJAX, Netbeans 4.1, Tomcat,

Key Skills
Ajax Java NetBeans tomcat
2007 - Present

Patric Mc - Team Member

Team Size : 2
Technologies Used : Java-1.2, Window NT 4.0,IIS 4.0, SQL Server.; It is a full service photography and digital imaging. The company photographs an average of 50 events each week, many of which are PMC exclusives, and services images to the leading national and international publications. In addition to current events, PMC has an extensive archive, created by name and event that is a visual "Who's Who" and an invaluable resource for publications.
PMc in the process of automating the processes and enhancing the web site, allowing PMc staff to respond to the clients demanding needs. This is a web-based e-commerce application.
The photographers upload the bulk images to the server, this process invokes a console application that takes care of uploading the images. Here we read each image caption and store the respective information into the DB. Here the photographer has the ability to publish the images of his choice. The application is integrated with payment gateway for registration & order.

Development, Testing, & Implementation.
Configuration Manager and Build Master

Key Skills
IIS Java photographer photography SQL

Naresh Kumar's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Electronics and Instrumentation Engineeering


Bachelor/Degree - Bachelor of Engineering; s, Electronics & Instrumentation; Math; Physics, and Chemistry