Nader  Aziz - A Teacher And Experienced Researcher As Well As A Family Physician

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Dr. Nader Aziz is a practicing family care doctor who also boasts experience in medical research and education. Since 1997, he has been a partner at Regency Medical Center P.C. in Palatine, Illinois, where he oversees a professional team of nurses and physician assistants to examine and treat individuals of all ages suffering from a wide array of medical ailments. In addition to educating patients in prevention and maintenance measures, Dr. Aziz handles all aspects of patient treatment, from taking patient histories and performing diagnostic tests to making diagnoses and prescribing treatment. He also administers routine vaccinations and prepares all necessary medical records, clinical reports, and referral correspondence. In addition to his role at Regency Medical Center, Dr. Nader Aziz also serves as acting Medical Director and Finance Committee member for the Tri-County Physicians Association in Cary, Illinois.

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1997 - Present
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medical care

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PhD/Doctorate - M.D.

University of Minnesota

Second Level -

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