MUHAMMAD AGHA - Sales & Customer Services Manager at ORGANS LIFE SCIENCES

Sales & Customer Services Manager at ORGANS LIFE SCIENCES



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Pharmaceutical and Science



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8 years experience in the sales & service of the following medical equipment's,.

Anesthesia Machine (Datex Ohmeda GE,USA)
Anesthesia Monitors (Datex Ohmeda GE,USA)
Multi parameters Monitors (Datex Ohmeda GE,USA)
ECG Machines, ETT machine (Datex Ohmeda GE,USA)
Defibrillators, Holters (Datex Ohmeda GE,USA)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Basda, China)
Digital Radiography System (Basda, china)
Bone Mineral Densitometry (Osteosys, Korea)
ENT Treatment Unit (Chammed, Korea)
Surgical Light (Mediland, Taiwan)
Auto Clave, low Plasma Sterilizer (Shinva, China)
Ultrasonic Cleaner, Medical dryer (Shinva, China)
Endoscopy & Laparoscopy Instruments (Reda Instrument, Germany)
Cell Separator & Cell Saver (Haemonetics, USA)
Blood Bank Refrigerators & Freezers (Ing.Climas, Spain)
Stereo Microscope, Upright Microscope (L.W Scientific, USA)
Inverted Microscope (L.W Sceintific, USA)
Centrifuge Machine, CO2 Incubator (L.W Sceintific, USA)
IVF Workstation (IVF Tech, Denmark)
Bio Safety Cabinet (Esco, Singapore)
Air Purification System & Suction Pump (Genx, USA)
Micromanipulator ( Research Instruments, UK)
Suction Pump (Rocket Medical, Uk)
Patient Monitor, Fetal Monitor, CTG Machine (Biosys,KOREA)
Short wave Diathermy, Micro Wave Diathermy (Mettler -Electronic, USA)
Sonicators (Mettler Electronic, USA)
Traction Machine (ITO, Japan)
A.R.T Media's (Cook Medical, USA)
A.R.T Consumables, Women Health Consumables (Cook Medical, USA)
Ultrasound Machine (Medison, Korea)

MUHAMMAD AGHA's Professional Experience

2006 - 2007

Esas Technologies (Pvt) Limited - Sales & Service Engineer

Worked as a Sales & Service Engineer

Key Skills
Engineer service engineer
2004 - 2006
Key Skills
Engineer service engineer

MUHAMMAD AGHA's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - BS, Biomedical


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