MOmodou Ceesay - Service Engineer

Service Engineer at Intermec Technologies



Current location

United Kingdom

Work category

Manufacturing and Operations



MOmodou Ceesay's Professional Experience

2002 - 2011

Intermec Technologies - Service Engineer

Service Engineer
Testing and repairing various 802.11, GPRS, GPS, GSM and 2.4 GHz RF handheld terminals, truck mount terminals, access points and 700 series pocket pc terminals.
Setup network and configure 2100 family access points, and all handhell terminals on a flat network through G4000/DCS 300 controller, using VT/ANSI TE
Setup and configure 2100 access points and all terminals on a flat network direct using VT/ANSI TE, setup dcBrowser on the G4000/DCS 300 and connect using all terminals and WinCE computer operation.
Setup and configured MobileLAN Voice & Power on a flat network.
setup and configure all G4000/DCS 300s and antares for DHCP, configure G4000/DCS 300 to use DNS for antares devices and host.
Wireless bridging, wireless AP's, data link tunneling and IP tunneling.

MOmodou Ceesay's Education and Qualifications


Certificate - Programming

Reading College