Mohammad Abdelbari - Piping-pipeline design engineer

Se. Pipelines Engineer at Jacobs



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Mohammad Abdelbari's Sr. stress analysis engineer role at CB&I (2012 - Present)

Man-hour estimation for Oxy2 basic stress analysis.
Designing stress analysis work flow chart.
Providing technical support for stress group
Member of PDMS Admin team

Isle of Grain LNG
Stress analysis check for the LNG lines to determine if they suffer a severe cyclic conditions

Client: BP

- Stress check for Blow down
Stress analysis was performed to insure that the blow down system can operate safely at temperature of -62 deg without impact test

- Stress analysis for vent system

Advanced Prop & Ethyl Pipeline Project
Client: Advance Petrochemical Company
Pipe line stress analysis
Support selection
Preparing the stress analysis report


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