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As a member of the Mercer Island City Council, Mike Cero sets various policies for the city, including the establishment of budgets, approval of new laws, and selection of which services the city will provide. After serving as an engineer in the United States Army for nearly a decade, Mike Cero settled in the Pacific Northwest in 1994. Mike Cero subsequently enrolled at Seattle University and earned a Master of Business Administration in 1996. With this education, Mike Cero secured a job as a Unit Supervisor on an assembly line for PACCAR. During this time, Mike Cero and his family relocated to Mercer Island, a small community on the eastside of Seattle. PACCAR gave Mike Cero training in Six Sigma, a business management strategy, which provided an opportunity for advancement. When Mike Cero left the company in 2002, he was a Six Sigma Supplier Quality Manager in the Corporate Purchasing Department.

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