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United States

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Customer Service



I started the phone company name New Jersey Bell March 13th,1989 as a records clerk. Became a Service Analyst in May of 1990 which I worked until September 11th 2008. 19 years of experience to share with any company that is currently looking for a people person, team player, good communicator and a reliable employee. I am still looking for a job which is very urgent because 2 years have pass and I am running out of ideas why no company has call me, I do internet applications every day and I think my circumstances has been public enough through job boards and my resume.

Michelle Lawrence's Professional Experience

1989 - 2008

Idearc Media - Service Analyst

Insert and delete of customers information on systems call misos, boss, express trak and vast, working rejects, captions, C3805, discrepancies and memo-text in date order for publishing in white and yellow pages, verifing customers data with the business office for accuracy and checking with sales for correct size of page advertising.

Key Skills
data Insert, delete, vast, misos, boss, express-trak, rejects, C3805's, captions, advertising, white, yellow publishing
1996 - 1997

Kessler Care Center At Cedar Grove - Clerk

Responsibility removing decease patients charts from 4 units in facility, making sure all staff be accountable for their section and appropriate face sheets are their, also returing charts to units for doctors signature and filing.

Key Skills
filing, signatures, face sheets, seminar.
1988 - 1989

Delta Dental Plan Of New Jersey - Clerical

Sorting claim forms in separate stacks accordingly to what's complete/missing or blank which have to be returned to the company, making sure the problem match the correct codes or change to what it should be manually, date stamp for each day that the claim forms is handled and lastly the forms is handed to the data entry department for input in the system.

Key Skills
verification codes, missing info return back, date stamp and separate stacks
1988 - 1988

OMC Distribution - Data Enry Operator

Retrieving orders from a dictaphone machine to be entered into the computer on a daily basis, taking orders from a telephone also for input into the system, these orders were all for boat parts and every accounts had to be done error free before folders can be filed into cabinets alphabetically.

Key Skills
Typing, phone, filing and computer
1986 - 1987

F.W. Woolworth Company - Sales Person

Responsible for the whole of House Ware Department which include curtains/rods, lamp shades, light fixtures etc. Pricing of all merchandise and stacking of selves, keeping area clean at all times and making sure customers safety priority and lastly operating the cash register.

Key Skills
assisting in pets department, cashier, inventory

Michelle Lawrence's Education and Qualifications


Certificate - Microcomputer Essentials

Berkeley College

Working from text book for input of data in the computer, learning how to save information on disk and also essay writing.


Certificate - Data Entry

Phillips Business School

English, Math, Input alpha/numerical data, left/right margins and tabs.


Certificate - Office Skiils

State University of New York

English, Math, typing, how to fill application for jobs, knowing how to format a resume and cover letters.

Michelle Lawrence's Additional Information




travel to different countries, reading magazines, news papers, novel, bicycling, walking, gardener and cooking.


CONTINUING EDUCATION CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION is presented for attending PREPARATION FOR THE UNIVERSAL TEST BATTERY May 1994,CERTIFICAE OF COMPLETION For Successfully Completing CONTINUOUS LEARNING, THE JOURNEY CONTINUES June 8th,1995, CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION For ELIMINATION OF BEACON REJECT BACKLOGS/REDUCTION IN CLAIMS November 19th,1999, CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT for successfully completing VAST TRAINING October 31st,2002, Certificate of Appreciation in Recognition and Appreciation for 15 Years of Dedicated Service to Verizon 2004, Certificate Of Completion For Successfully Completing Corporate Compliance - Records Management Tuesday October 25th,2005, Certificate Of Completion For Successfully Completing Associate Code of Conduct Training Tuesday June 13th,2006, Certificate of Completion for completing Copyright and Trademark Issues on 11/1/2007, Certificate of Completion for completing VIS Can-Spam Act Email Training on 11/1/2007.