Michael Ford - Cultural adviser, linguist, SME and role player for Iraq

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To work for a U.S. government agency and assist in any capacity in the continuing fight in the global war on terrorism.
To have the opportunity for advancement and promotions.
To have the opportunity to use my skills in foreign languages.

Michael Ford's Professional Experience

2010 - Present

McNeil Technologies - Iraqi International Advisor

Assist the military commanders and staff in establishing mutual trust and understanding between the military and Iraqi people.
Provide analysis and recommendations regarding Iraqi political, social, economic, cultural, religious, tribal issues and other potential newsworthy trends in the Area of Operation.
Recruit and employ Iraqi Local National Advisors for the purpose of collecting atmospheric information.
Support key staff elements to develop and gauge the effectiveness of civil military operations, information operations, PSYOP, media initiatives and other operations. This raw and immediate data obtained from local national advisors provide a local Iraqi perspective to the problems and situations affecting stability, support and reconstruction efforts.
Act as translator between Iraqi local nationals and Multi-Functional Team leader; translate documents from Arabic to English and vice-versa.

Key Skills
data team leader
2010 - 2010

Torres - Life skills, English Arabic teacher

Teaching detainees the basic usage of laptop computers.
Quality check books for the detainee Library.
Teach personal finance as part of the life skills program at GITMO.
Distributing educational CDs and DVDs to detainees

Key Skills
2005 - 2007

United States Department of Defense - Language Specialist and Arabic cultural advisor GS-11

Worked with various US Army units including based on 24/7- exercises Including THT (Tactical Human Team 482) Team and S2 unit teams
Provide Army Battalion Commanders with DVD’s and reading material about Iraq and Islam which included advise on how to deal with people and personnel from the new formed Iraqi Government members
My services included both Tactical and missions translations support throughout Baghdad Iraq dealing with hostile environment
Support on Camp Rustamiyah, Baghdad, Iraq (Also known as the Iraq Army Military Hospital and the Iraqi Army War Academy)
Regularly support US Army Battalions with Arabic / Kurdish cultural training for Iraq, Islamic religious familiarization, and Arabic language training. Assigned to escort US Army Battalion Commanders and provide them with Arabic to English translation.
Regularly support US Army Battalions in their various classified and unclassified crucial mission throughout Baghdad-Iraq
Teaching the 1st Brigade Raiders through the (S/2 Shop) culture,tradition,customs and how to deal with the local Iraqi population once deployed.
Teaching Iraqi language and culture at Division level for the 3rd ID Division within the LTF Language Center and Field Theater at Fort Stewart-Georgia.
Training Army soldiers and commanders on Negotiation Tactics, cultural, customs Language, tradition and dealing with local population in Iraq.
Teaching the 4th Brigade Iraq language in preparation for their deployment to Baghdad.

Key Skills
2004 - 2005

SMI - Culture adviser - Linguist – Role Play

Conducted translating services for the US Army and the 509th Airborne Infantry located at Ft. Polk Louisiana.
Regularly support US Army Battalions with Arabic and Kurdish cultural training for Iraq, Islamic religious familiarization, and Arabic language training.
Assigned to escort US Army Battalion Commanders and provide them with Arabic to English translation. Assist military planners and staff during simulated hostage negotiations, Civil Affairs operations, country development operations, and tactical military questioning.
Routinely Provide Iraqi cultural advice to numerous US Army units. Educated US Army forces on the many diverse cultural groups of the country of Iraq in addition to providing extensive information concerning the religion of Islam.
Provide Battalion Commanders DVD’s and reading materials about Iraq and Islam.
Duties include working 24/7 for 3 weeks assignment.
Worked and Trained various units within the US

2003 - 2005

USAID - Administration Security Translation Logistics

Provided administration, security, translation, and logistics for USAID and CAII throughout Iraq for project Revitalization of Iraq schools and Stabilization of Education (RISE)Gained experience dealing with dangerous situations and security arrangements
Translated for Iraqi school officials and various documents
Arranged and coordinated meetings between USAID- AIC - Army in Baghdad to rebuild the local schools

Key Skills
1998 - 2003

OPTUS - Carrier Implementation Analyst

Produced weekly statistical case reports and contributed to overall development of company, residential, business billing and software system
Investigated lost revenue cases and responsible for regains of lost revenue
Analyzed individual orders for errors in software trouble-shooter queues, and provided corrective action according to documented policies and procedures
Investigated fraud in billings and correct Financial billing systems reports
Managed customer accounts, handling billing inquiry issues online, in person, and call center
Extensive experience within call center environment which included handling angry and difficult customers, providing customer and share holder satisfaction
Handled troubleshooting for customers on long distance and cell phone service calls
Promoted and contributed to company features and products, providing increased sales
Optus manages and operates Defense satellite systems contracted by them through the US Defense systems

Key Skills
Billing Reports
1995 - 1998

GIBCA - Sales Assistant Manager for the A/C Division

Responsible for overall sales and managed office in cities of Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain
Supervised and secured several projects in excess of half million US dollars
Effectively met all company sales targets on monthly basis
Contributed to production of brochures and pamphlets
Supervised all tests for technical product improvements

1994 - 1995

Salem Travel Agency - Reservation agent and Public Relations

Arranged visitor’s visa documents, accommodations, transportation, and special events
Assisted in company sales and designed visitor tours and airfare packages
Managed 15 member work force team and supervised delegation of tasks
IDEX Coordinator (The annul Military International show exhibition in Abu Dhabi UAE)

1992 - 1994

Net Tours - Tours and Security Manager

Coordinated travel and hotel arrangement for more than 5000 officers of US Air Force
On call 24-7 to meet and assist Air Force personnel, facilitating timely and accurate arrangements upon arrival.
Provided security for US Air Force local tours and acted as diplomat for local shopping tours dealing with local tradition in United Arab Emirates accompanied VIP clients through company Meet & Greet service
Submitted monthly budget reports; proposed, and implemented strategies for sales improvement

Key Skills
AIR Reports

Michael Ford's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - BA, Business Administration

Baghdad University

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