Mark Foley - Graphic Designer (UI)

Graphic Designer at Ericsson



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Media and Design



Having gained a Masters of Science in Multimedia from DCU in 2005 I have worked broadly in the film, traditional graphics and 3d graphics sectors. I relocated to Cork City for my current role almost three years ago and have never looked back. Working with a cutting edge technology company in West Cork, I have had the opportunity to gain new skills and work in an exciting and fast paced environment delivering 3d scanning services to sectors as varied as film and gaming, to reverse engineering and heritage. I would relish the opportunity to make a contribution to a company which may require a multi-skilled multimedia professional.

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Scuba Diving
 Certified SSI Advanced Diver – Over 30 dives logged Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Spain & Malta
Sailing & Water sports
 One of three sailing students selected to represent Ireland aboard a Polish sail-training vessel in the Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race
 Water skiing and surfing when conditions allow!
 15 month round-the-world tour having broadly travelled through the U.S, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia
 I have traveled through East, Central and Western Europe, living, working and studying in Northern Spain, West Germany and Canada


XYZRGB, Inc. Ottawa, Canada
Structured light 3d scanning & Advanced 3d data acquisition course Nov 2008
Arius 3d Inc. Toronto, Canada
3d Laser Scanning (portable & CMM) & Advanced 3d data acquisition course May 2008