Mark Finlay - Junior Web Developer

Operations Manager at Bambury Bookmakers



Work category

Manufacturing and Operations



I'm thinking about think about Digital solutions for the Retail Betting space 24/7. I want to develop a greater betting experience for my customers through the use of new technologies.

Mark Finlay's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Higher Diploma, Web Technologies

National College of Ireland

Developed a Prototype Social Betting and Blogging Web Application built on the Ruby on Rails Framework. The Application utilised an XML provided by a bookmaker along with a custom bulit parsing engine to populate a huge number of betting markets that users could then make selections from and blog about why they made their selections.

I also used the XML/HTML parsing engine to build a Price Monitoring application so that we could monitor several of our competitors prices compared to our own.


Bachelor/Degree - Bsc, Management and Marketing

Dublin Institute of Technology