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Bin man at Mahons Waste,Trim,co.Meath



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Full driving licence.

Marius Nenorta's Professional Experience

2006 - 2010

Mahons Waste,Trim,co.Meath - Bin man

I was with the company for 4 years.Territory was Dublin and Ratoath.My job was to check bins and bags to ensure that they were tagged before emptying.I worked in a team and got on well with everyone.When the driver was due to go on holidays my boss asked me to learn all routes in just one week so that I could direct the driver who was covering for holidays.I then was the one who showed the routes to all new drivers.I worked long hours.

Key Skills
driver Drivers
2005 - 2005

GZ Flowers,Hull,England - Packer

I worked in a big warehouse which supplied fresh flowers to shops.My job was to pick flowers and put them together into bouquets and then pack ready for dispatch.

2005 - 2005

Manor Foods,Summerhill,co.Meath - Cleaner

This was my first job in Ireland.I was part of a 2 man team cleaning the factory at night working 8.00 pm to 3.00 am.The factory was due to close.

Key Skills
2004 - 2005

Likurgas,Kaunas,Lithuania - Security Guard

Personal Security and Supervision in discos for children.I got this job whilst working part time for another company.

Key Skills
2003 - 2004

Rodalina,Jonava,Lithuania - Security Guard

This was a Pt post doing escort work - accompanying customer or expensive product to their destination.Whilst here I was approached by Likurgas and offered another part time job.

2003 - 2003

Geruta,Kaunas,Lithuania - Security Guard

My job here was to operate and monitor security cameras in the shop.

Marius Nenorta's Education and Qualifications


Diploma - Business organisation/construction

Siauliu Construction School