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3rd Key Manager at Fragrance outlet



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United States

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My name is Marisa Rae Alaba. I am currently a student at Prairie View University, I am Majoring in Psychology and minoring in Juvinile Justice. I am a very dedicated and hard working person. I understand nothing in life comes free or easy so I wake up everyday aware of the challenges in life and am ready to tackle and bumps in the road to success. I have a very fun and positive attitude. I am also very mature and orginized. I have been in the work force since I was 14 years old. my very first job ever was for Cypress Fairbanks ISD as an Junior Secretary every summer for 4 years. I truley enjoyed the work and always gave 110% everyday. The coordinator was so impressed by my work ethics she called me back several times up until the job was discountinued in 2006. I have decided that I would like to revisit a receptionist or secretary position again because I enjoyed it before and it came very easy and natural to me.

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